Online Virtual Fitting Room

Online Virtual Fitting Room

Tuesday, 13 January 2015. 06:33

Root Wooden Sunglasses Online Virtual Fitting Room

Buy a pair of online sun can give something of vertigo first not knowing if that particular model so we like going to sit well in our kind of face will adapt our personality or will reflect the image we want to project. ourselves.

In Root Sunglasses ® we have interesting to help you choose the right wood glasses tool for you. This is our tester online where you can get an idea of ??how you will get the sunglasses Root wood that you love. Here we have detailed how to use the Online Tester Root

Root virtual tester Online:

Okay, maybe it's something rudimentary and not perfect as we know, but the Virtual Tester Root can make you have a fun time while you you test the diferentas glasses wood from our collection, you can become photos and share them with your friends so help you to decide and can help you find the glasses Root natural wood will sit better.

We explain how it works:

- In the page of each sunglasses model next to the button "Buy" is an icon of an eye as we show. Press to access the Virtual Tester .

Pressing the Eye a large side flap unfolds and begins charging the implementation of the Virtual Tester.

The first well will have to give permission for flash can access the camera. Or we recommend to mark the Allow and Remember not to leave you again in the future. TIP: If the first time does not go away little sign permits flash refrescad the page by pressing the F5 key.

After loading the plugin will see that the thing is as we showed you will see the central black window. Click the START button

Pressing the start button, you will see your image, a silhouette and a countdown of 10 seconds.

After the countdown silhouette glasses disappear and you will see that you are going to try. If you want to see the silhouette to have a reference of where the head should be pressing the button showing silhouette.


Try on the glasses by placing the head in silhouette. There you get the hang of the distance of your face to the camera and must take into account the movements of the head will be in the opposite direction on the screen. The key is to approach more or less to appreciate the size of the glasses to your face, usad silhouette and help you with some real glasses on her head to calculate the correct ratio.

Priate're satisfied press the button Take photo to immortalize the moment. If you do not like the picture you can close it by clicking the X that you see in the right corner of the photo superiror. you can repeat all the times you want and share it on Facebook or Twitter to see what your friends say. If you want to return to the menu of the glasses You press the letter R Root you see on the left side.

The virtual tester is not perfect perhaps somewhat rudimentary, but also serves to get an idea and have a good time before deciding which model of glasses you are going to buy Root.



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