Polarized TAC UV400 protection category 3 lenses of 1.1mm thickness and 14% transmittance in REVO colors cut to fit your glasses.

If the glasses you have chosen are NOT available in the color of lenses that you like, here you can customize them by choosing your favorite lens color. You can also replace the lenses of your current Root Sunglasses if they are damaged or if you simply want to give your Root wooden glasses a different air [Our Lenses]

Option 1: If the glasses you like are not available in the color of the lens you want, you can ask us to cut a pair of lenses of the color you want and fit them in the glasses you have chosen. You will receive your glasses with the lenses you have selected mounted here and you will also receive the original lenses in case one day you want to replace them. To do this, add the glasses you like to the basket and also add the lenses you like on this page.

Option 2: If you already have a Root Sunglasses pair and want to change lenses because have been scratched or any other reason select here the lens color you prefer and include in the comment box of your order the model of sunglasses wich you want to make the replacement
. You will need to send us your sunglasses because we cut the lenses to fit your model.
Send us your sunglasses in this format:
Ethnic Soul s.l.u. -xxxxxx (Where xxxxxx is your order number)
C / Bailen 44, 11380 Tarifa - Cadiz - Spain.
The shipping cost showed in the shopping basket will be used to return your glasses with the new lenses assembled.

Option 3: If you already have glasses from the MIXED collection and you want to replace the lenses yourself without sending us the glasses you can also do it. Select here the color of the lenses you prefer and include a comment when you place your order indicating the model of glasses you want to replace the lenses. Only recommended for glasses of the MIXED collection, keep in mind that we are NOT responsible for the damages that both glasses and lenses can suffer when changing them, nor will we take care if the lenses do not fit perfectly with the glasses.

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