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Our Lenses

Sunday, 01 February 2015

Our Lenses Root Wooden Sunglasses





Varias Lentes.

In this article we detail technical and utility information about the types of lenses that rode our sunglasses Natural Wood Root Sunglases 


All our sunglasses Polarized lenses mounted between the advantages of polarized lenses are the following:

  • Total protection against UV rays
  • Higher contrast and sharpness
  • No reflexes
  • Natural colors
  • Reducing eyestrain

TAC Polarized Tinted Lenses UV400

It is triacetate lenses celluloid - 1.2mm thick TAC polarized with greater resistance to scratches that provide a clear vision and eliminate 99% of harmful rays up to 400 nanometers ultraviloleta. Are very light which increases the comfort of your user by avoiding pressure on the nose.

TAC Polarized Lens UV400 REVO

Like the previous lenses is celluloid triacetate - TAC polarized 1.2mm thickness. REVO multilayer coating is also called iridium has been designed to eliminate the harmful rays and provide a much higher protection for normal eyes mirror coating. They provide the same vision whether they are used day and night. The coating becomes REVO layer by layer and the lenses after treatment mirrored acquire a changing color depending on the amount of light as it impinges the same.

Color of the lenses:

  • Grey lenses:  are regarded as neutral as respentan and enhance the original colors and do not alter its contrast.
  • Brown lenses: They filter blue light which makes them the best choice for driving


Download:   Test report of our lenses



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