Your shopping experience in Root Sunglasses

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Tuesday, 07 July 2020

Your shopping experience in Root Sunglasses. Root Wooden Sunglasses

Your shopping experience in Root Sunglasses

When you buy wooden sunglasses Root Sunglasses , online through, the machinery starts up so that your shopping experience is something very special, we take care of the product, customer service, post service sale and of course we take care of the packaging, or product packaging so that each reception becomes a unique experience.

What will you find in the recycled cardboard box where you receive our products? Of course your sunglasses or your original Root watch manufactured by hand with the best natural woods  with its case and all the complete accessories such as the informative leaflet where the care and maintenance of our products are explained, or the manufactured soft case With ecological and natural materials (in the case of glasses) and even in sunglasses, a completely free folding or natural rigid case, so that your product is always protected against impacts when not in use.

But you also receive some extra such as plantable paper cards that we can personalize with a handwritten message , if your purchase is for a gift and that once read can be planted to germinate flowers and plants that you can keep long in a pot or in the garden of your house and even in the field.

We like that your purchase is special as much as our products are.


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