Ambassador of Root

Whether you are a proud user of our natural wood sunglasses and watches as if you are a influecer in social networks you can help us to spread the Root values sharing in your social networks publications of our natural products, getting at the same time exclusive advantages for you.

Root ® Sunglasses & Watches 

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Ambassador "Root user"

Are you a proud possessor of any of our natural products, you love and you are looking forward to all your friends see how good you feel?

If so, you can become Ambassador Root Sunglasses & Watches sharing on your social networks pictures of you with your Root, in exchange  get coupon for future purchases yours or your friends.

It works like this:

  • Share your best photo on FACEBOOK  with your product Root  mentioning our FB @root Sunglasses & Watches in the text and get a discount code -20% 

  • Share your best photo in Instagram with your Root  labeling in the image #roottarifa and mentioning  #rootsunglasses in the text of your publication.
    • If you have between 300 and 1,000 followers get a discount code -20%
    • If you have more than 1000 followers get a discount code -25%

Once you have shared the image on your social networks send an email to embajadores@rootsunglasses.com, including a link to the publication so we can check if your publication meets the terms of the promotion  (see below), if everything is correct we will respond with the discount code so you can use you or anyone else on our website.

Promotion rules Ambassador "Root User":

  1. Publications in FB you must include a picture of yourself using the Root product and include a mention of @root Sunglasses & Watches (with @) in the text of the publication
  2. Published by Instagram you must include a picture of yourself using the Root product label #roottarifa image and include a mention of #RootSunglasses (both with #) in the text of the publication.
  3. You can perform various publications in different social networks whether they are different and original we willl send you a code each time. We reserve the right to not send the codes if we detect any attempt to abuse.
  4. Discount codes are valid for use on our website up to 30 days once issued.
  5. You can redeem a unique code for each order, discount codes canot be exchanged for cash, are not combinable or cumulative and are only valid to buy online trought this website.
  6. This Promotion is valid only for retail customers

Ambassador "Root influencer"

Are you blogger, youtuber, instagramer, influecer or public figure ?, you feel identified with our brand values and would like to collaborate with us in promoting our products? 

To us we would love to work with you!


  • Share best posts from your Root.
  • Grow with us in the world of digital marketing.


  • Being over 18 years old
  • Having more than: (minimum one):
    • 3000 Followers on Instagram
    • 6000 Followers on Facebook
    • Equivalent number of folowers in other social networks (YouTube, Blog, Twitter etc)
  • Active participation of the followers on social networks in which you participate


  • Exclusive gifts from Root