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Becaise ccidents happen.... Has the frame of your wooden glasses been broken? Do you have a problem with your product not covered by the Limited warranty Root Sunglasses & Watches offers?

Do not worry, the problem with your product probably have an economic solution so you can continue enjoying it. In Root sunglasses & Watches our goal is that you can enjoy our products as long as possible so we have a quality after-sales service where we will do the impossible so you can continue enjoying your favorite glasses or wooden watch.

Even if your product has NO repair possible you can take our RECYCLING plans by sending us damaged or useless products whose usable parts we will recycle, you can get juicy DISCOUNT vouchers for the purchase of a new product.

To request after-sales service please follow these simple instructions:

How to apply for after-sales service 

Please send us the following by email to servicio@rootsunglasses.com

  1. pictures or images where you see in detail the problem of your product 
  2. name, surname and a contact telephone number.

Following steps

Once we have received the images of the product and your details, we will contact you as soon as possible to provide repair or replacement options.