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If not satisfied and want to return you purchased product please contact us within 7 days (14 days for shippings to Europe) after you received your order. You can replace them with other model or you can request a refund of the amount paid  for your purchase. Tell us what you prefer when contact.

The returned product must be sent as received, with its packaging in mint condition, adhesives lenses and/or protection in watches must be present, your shipping label must to show clearly the retunr code that will assigned by us when you contac us. Otherwise, the return may be refused.

How to make a return:

Send an email to pedidos@rootsunglasses.com indicating:

  1. The order number
  2. The product you want to return.
  3. If you want to change or rather I give back the amount

We will respond with a return number that must be included in the package label must send to:

Ethnic Soul s.l.u.    xxxxxx (where xxxxxx is your return code)

C / Bailen 44 (nave) 11380 Tarifa, Spain

When we receive the product and after checking their state we will issue a voucher so you can exchange them for other model through rootsunglasses.com. 

If you want to get back the cash amount paid indicate it in the email. We will refund the amount paid for your product.

Note* In case of refund we will refund only the price of the product, never the shipping price paid.

Note** If you chose to customize your product with customized lenses, you can choose a discount coupon for the amount of purchased sunglasses model or the refund of the original sunglasses discounting the amount of the customized lenses. If you selected a NON-standart Urgent Transport the cost of that shipment will be deducted from the amount of the return. European Regulation.

Payment methods : 

  •  PayPal 
  • Bank Transfer - International Transfer - SEPA Transfer Wire Transfer 


  •  MRW (Spain) (24h)
  • CORREOS  Spain (48-72H)
  • CORREOS Europe (7-10 days) Not tracking
  • CORREOS World (2-3 weeks) Not Tracking
  •  EMS Europe (2-3 days)
  •  EMS Mundo (5-7 days)

* Normally we process orders 24H business. However sometimes depending on the backlog this time may be longer.