Wood Watches  made of Natural Wood 


Root ® Watches

C/ Bailén 44 (Nave), 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz, Spain

+34 956 685 301 (LU-VI de 8:00 a 15:00)



Root Watches provide Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects for the movement of two years from the date of purchase. The warranty is valid only for the original purchaser with a proof of purchase from an authorized Root dealer that clearly shows the reference of the purchased product and the date of purchase. The warranty of the Root ® watches not covers damage by water or scratches in the glass. The Root ® watches and it’s straps have been handmade with an organic material alterable over time such as the natural wood and can be damaged in case of bumps, drops, inadequate transport and others as improper use, alteration, repair attempt etc. so the damages or break of these elements are not, in all cases, covered by this warranty. The customer


Please send by email to servicio@rootsunglasses.com the following:

  • Proof of purchase with date, description of the purchased article and Dealer name
    • Ticket from an authorized dealer where the reference or product name  and  purchase date appears
    • Or, if you made the purchase through rootsunglasses.com the number of your order online.
  • Photographs or pictures where we can see the problem in detail of your product
  • Name, complete ditrección and contact telephone number.
  1. Unfortunately without a valid  proof of purchase the warranty is invalid, however we can have other options, please contact.


Once we have received the proof of purchase, the product images and your data, we will contact as soon as possible to confirm whether the problem of his product is covered by the warranty policy or to provide other options for replacement or repair.

  • Covered by Warranty - We will  ask you to ship the product to proceed with its examination and repair or if the repair is not possible we will supply a new watch without cost to you.
  • Not covered by the guarantee: If for any reason it is considered that the product is not covered by the warranty policy, We will analyze all options available in accordance with our after sales service.