FAQ: Frequent Asked Questions About our wooden Watches

If you have any questions about our wooden watches not answered here, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to respond to your concerns.


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  1. Will my Watch look exactly like in the pictures?

    Basically yes, but you should keep in mind that the tonality and the vein of the wood vary from one piece of wood to another, this is precisely what makes your watch a unique and unrepeatable piece. 
  2. Can I wet the wooden Watches?

    The wooden watches are moisture resistant to spash water, do not take shower or swiming with it 
  3. I like the watch but I do not convince about the strap, can I ask you to mount another strap of another color?

    Of course!! The important thing is that you feel comfortable with your watch. If the  strap do not convince you you can ask us to mount a different strap and you will have two straps  interchangeable.
  4. If my watch break, what do I do?

    Accidents happen. Contact our after-sales service, most likely we can fix them, we will do our best to leave them as new.?
  5. Can I personalize the clock by engrave a message?

    Of course!! We can record the message you want on the back of the BASIC NATURA series watches. You can have all the information by clicking here
  6. Do you have a warranty?

    Of course. Root offers a two year limited warranty for all of our products see the limited warranty conditions by clicking on the link.?
  7. And if I dont like them, can I return them or change them?

    Of course if, if when you receive your glasses do not convince you and want to change them for others, you can do it you have 14 days.  Or if you prefer you can request the refund of the amount paid. See all the details on the terms of sale
  8. How long will it take to receive my watch?

    It depends of the way of shipping choosed and your location. If you use the free shipping you will receive them in 7-15 days from the exit of the package and if you send them by Express you will receive them in 3-4 days after the departure. At this time you must add the processing time of the orders that is usually a working day, but sometimes if we have a lot of accumulated work can be something else, in any case we will send your order as soon as possible and receive notification of it in your email.?
  9. What forms of payment do you accept?

    You can pay your orders with a debit or credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.?
  10. Are payments safe?

    Totally safe, VISA Mastercard payments are made through the secure gateway REDSYS-La CAIXA. We dont have access to your credit card details.
  11. And my personal details are safe with you?

    Emphatically yes. Our website has an SSL certificate and the data you send through the forms travels encrypted. For more information, see our Privacy Policy?