Sunglasses Wood Collection 2016

Wood Collection 2016

Saturday, 05 December 2015

Sunglasses Wood Collection 2016. Root Wooden Sunglasses

New Wood collection 2016

The manufacture of sunglasses made of natural wood by hand using natural woods is a slow process that requires time, many details that have to work on each model to make it perfect and when to make such a wide variety of models like the ones we have in Root sunglasses are almost a hundred models of sunglasses as regards the collection made only with natural woods, you better get up early so that everything is ready on time.


In video you can see below we present the preliminary collection of our sunglasses WOOD line for 2016. For 2016 we have selected the best natural woods combined with designs of frames and modern, current, original and very wearable lens for both men and women.

We are sure you will find the perfect model for you discover with Root Of Which you are made:

Root Wooden Sunglasses

C/ Bailén 44, 11380 tarifa - Cádiz spain

Tel +34 956680448

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