Sunglasses and wooden watches. Perfect Gifts for Unique men

Wooden Accessories: Unique gifts for men

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Sunglasses and wooden watches. Perfect Gifts for Unique men. Root Wooden Sunglasses

Sunglasses and wooden Watches.

Perfect gifts for Unique men

Are you wondering what to give that unique man? You want to surprise him but you're stuck ... if he have everything!. Don't worry and keep reading, you're one step from finding the perfect gift. Natural wood accessories such as wooden sunglasses or Wooden Watches reflect not only a modern, ecological and sustainable aesthetic in the people who carry them, they are also unique and unrepeatable accessories.

The natural materials with which these fashion items are made are never exactly the same as each other, the tonality or the veining of the wood always varies from one piece to another which makes them special and unique. Exactly like that special person you want to give away.

Unique gifts for unique people.

That's the key. Choose a unique gift that reflects the personality of the person to give away. Inside the wooden accessories like sunglasses, and wooden clocks, the range of options is very wide. You will find the model that fits perfectly the man's style regardless of your budget the wooden accessories are fit for all pockets. Making unique gifts is not reserved only for people with high purchasing power.

Choose, for example, quality glasses with natural wood sideburns and polarized lenses from only €37.95 like the RUN GREY, or the natural sandal Wood watch with SOUND of TIME leather strap by €49.95 Both of Root sunglasses, which we show you next.


If you prefer that the complement is entirely of Natural wood we put as example the spectacles of the cover of this article. The ROCK 'n' roll goggles made entirely of wood dyed bamboo only cost €59.95 and the fantastic NIGHT ROMAN watch in ebony wood with wooden link strap, is available on the Root sunglasses website from only €79.95

We now have two more sophisticated and exclusive models made entirely of Natural wood that will not leave indifferent to the gift. These are the sunglasses PALAU are ultra-thin and are made of pear wood with several sheets of aluminum sandwiched between the wooden sheets, in Root sunglasses cost €149.95 or the watch of red sandalwood RJZS06 an exclusive model of appearance Sport with hand timer which in root sunglasses costs €135


These are just a few examples. The possibilities are very diverse. In the catalog of Root sunglasses & watches you have more than 120 models of different wooden sunglasses to choose from and each of Alla is presented in various types of lenses, you can even choose which lenses to mount on your selected glasses if your taste is not available for E Legir on the selected model you also have a collection of over 70 wooden watches. Surely you find the model that suits the tastes of that special person.


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