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Monday, 14 February 2022

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Environmentally aware.

Concern for the environment and for taking care of our planet has been growing in recent years. Some of our habits have been adapting to new ways of protecting our environment, such as the fact that practically no one has a single garbage can in their house where food scraps and all kinds of materials are collected.

Also, even when buying food, the trend towards more natural and ecological products that respect nature has been clearly seen, while at the same time we feel better with this type of diet; and the percentage of people who have become vegetarian or even vegan has increased worldwide in recent times.

In this sense, this exercise of environmental responsibility has been spreading in various sectors such as fashion. The birth of sustainable fashion brands or those that already exist are increasingly using more and more ecological fabrics and materials (those that minimize the environmental impact in their manufacturing process) to make their garments or make their accessories. Some of the most widely used sustainable materials are organic cotton, bamboo fabric (even softer than cotton), linen, tencel (a natural and biodegradable cellulose produced from wood pulp) or milk tissue, an ecological tissue that contains more than fifteen different types of amino acids that feed and nourish the skin, and that it has a shiny and smooth appearance very similar to that of mulberry silk; Also for accessories, therecycled, natural, ecological and sustainable wood, hemp or cork.

All these trends were born from awareness of the environment, but little by little they have already become a fashion and the truth is, we love that something that takes care of the environment in which we live becomes fashionable!

Thus, it is the latest trend to wear wooden sunglasses, wooden watches , bags and backpacks made with recycled materials , pieces of vegan ethnic crafts with recovered materials and much, much handmade.

In addition to being fashionable as we mentioned before, the reality is that concern for the planet, nature and animals is a philosophy of life for millions of people. According to several studies, people who have a greater awareness of caring for the environment tend to be honest, humble, dogmatic, perfectionist, kind, empathetic, motivated to study, open-minded to accept new ideas, or who care about your physical and mental health. In their day-to-day activities, they also identify themselves by saving energy resources and try to use renewable energies, choose durable or easily repairable products, participate in ecological campaigns and preferentially consume recycled products, among other characteristics.

According to the data, there are no differences between men and women or younger or older people with respect to pro-environmental behavior, although the cultural aspect can make us more or less far from mother earth and from conscience that we have to take care of it because it is our home.

In short, taking care of the planet is an act of responsibility on the part of everyone and if, in addition to doing so, this leads to our health improving and for us to be fashionable with eco-friendly accessories and clothing, all the better!

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