Custom Wooden Watches a Gift to Be Remembered

Custom Sustainable Watches: Make them Remember You

Sunday, 03 November 2019

Custom Wooden Watches a Gift to Be Remembered. Root Wooden Sunglasses

Sustainable Watches, Personalize this gift and make them remind you 

There are two themes that we humans love.

One is time and the other is gifts , especially if it comes to receiving them.

As for the first, this fixation may have to do with suspecting that at some point it will end, at least each one.

This makes us want to measure it, control it and get the most out of it. Not surprisingly, it is said that "time is the most valuable resource we have."

And how do you measure something so valuable? Tic, knock, tic, knock… You guessed! : with a good watch.

Clocks are something like indicators that life is something that will not return, and that is why it deserves to be lived and experienced.

So when someone gives you a watch , they are not giving you any gifts .

Of course not, because what you are receiving is a reminder that says in your ear: Live and enjoy.

The same happens when the one who makes the gift is you.

In addition, giving away a watch is also a way of telling someone special that you want to be remembered as many times as possible.

And if not, just imagine who will come to your mind when you have to see the time during the day.

If you don't stand out with this trick, then we don't know what;)


Everything communicates, the clock you give as well.

Behind everything we do there are countless messages . If you stop to think about it, that's great because it allows you, and others, to say something without having to say it.

Or not?

If you have doubts, think about the occasions that someone gives red roses. Who gives them to?

Right. To your partner (or your prospect if they never became something else).

Understanding this, it is easy for us to stop to think about the details of what they give us or give us: color, size, price, material, etc.

For example, if you think about the material of a gift, there are notable differences that make you think of one thing or another.

Imagine that Juan gives Maria a plant one meter high in a plastic container filled with colored sand. The peculiarity of this plant is that it is artificial.

Yes, it is very bright, it is easily cleaned, it lasts longer in time, but it is artificial.

Now Juan, who saw the face of Mary whose expression was of feigned joy (the classic that many put on when they receive, for example, socks), decides to change the strategy and buy a natural plant.

Ah, how nice it is.

Its smell is natural, its brightness too and the energy it gives is different.

It is that life emanates and the tranquility of knowing that not only will it grow, but that when it withers, it will serve as fertilizer for other plants.

I wish all the products we use had these characteristics that, precisely, have sustainable watches .

While it is true that the tradition of gift giving was associated rather with luxury, it is also true that we live in a society that relaxes these standards in pursuit of a more sustainable world.

This, surely, is what drives us to use ingenuity and creativity to design new options that not only benefit us, but also take care of the only habitable planet we know to date.

Of course, taking care of a fundamental element that you will know next.


Why do we customize what we like?

Our mind is complex, but not indecipherable.

So just review our own experiences to understand why we do many of the things we do.

For example, think about that moment when you meet someone.

Generally, you shake hands, look into his eyes and tell him your name.

Next, this person repeats yours and tells you what his name is.

It is just in that repetition of what you just told him that you get a first taste of pleasure.

You might think: "Wow, he understood my name and he even said it again."

Whether you like it or not, that person has already earned a point with you . Not to mention if you are the one who does it.

Something similar happens with a personalized gift , especially if it is a watch.

Such behavior has to do with how we like to be recognized as different people from the rest , that we like to control everything we can and the fact of having pleasant memories.

So when we wear a sustainable watch that we have personalized with our name or a special image, what we want is for them to say "hey, that watch is phenomenal, I have never seen anything like it before"

And that is enough because you will be remembered not only for original, but for the commitment you have with the environment .

What a way to remember you, huh?

As for the control we like to have there is something striking that makes us be this way.

And that is that most of what we do happens as we wish. If a sustainable watch is as we want, we experience the pleasure of our own power to decide as customers.

Finally, our life and our time are valued based not only on what we achieve, but on what we remember.

So since we can't remember everything, we need gifts or items that evoke those pleasant memories.

Every time you put a personalized sustainable watch on your wrist or give it to someone, you are contributing a better assessment of your life and that of someone else.

In conclusion, to personalize our gifts is to pay carefully the ground of our memories and our own history.

Measuring the minutes and hours we live, is something that is not at odds with our responsibility to the planet.

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