How minimalism and wooden sunglasses can improve your happiness

Minimalism Wood and Happiness With Root Sunglasses

Friday, 20 January 2023

How minimalism and wooden sunglasses can improve your happiness. Root Wooden Sunglasses

Sunglasses and Wooden Watches - Minimalism and Happiness

Minimalism, wood and happiness  are three elements that, at first glance, may not seem related to each other. However, at Root, we believe that these three aspects are closely related and can help us achieve a fuller and happier life.

Let's start with  minimalism . Minimalism is a philosophy of life that focuses on getting rid of unnecessary things and focusing on the essentials. Instead of filling our lives with things we don't need, minimalism encourages us to  focus on what really matters .

At  Root Sunglasses & Watches , we believe that this philosophy applies perfectly to our products. Our wooden sunglasses and watches are minimalist designs but with a unique and enduring style. Each piece is carefully handcrafted with the best natural woods and with simple but elegant designs. By buying one of our glasses or watches, you are not buying an unnecessary item, but something that will accompany you in your day to day and help you focus on the essentials.

Wood  is another key element  in our products. Wood is a  natural, organic and sustainable material . In addition to being beautiful, wood has therapeutic properties that can help us feel calmer and more relaxed. At Root Sunglasses & Watches, we use only the best natural woods to create our products, and each piece is unique and unrepeatable. By wearing one of our  wooden glasses or watches , you are not only wearing a beautiful accessory, but you are also connecting with nature and experiencing its benefits.

Wood also has a  positive impact on our mental health . Contact with nature, especially through wood, has been known to reduce stress and improve emotional well-being. Also, wood is a warm and welcoming material that can help us feel more at home and safe.

In addition to the connection with nature, minimalism is also related to  simplicity and order . By having less going on in our lives, we can focus on what's important and eliminate distraction and chaos. This is reflected in our  collection , since by choosing a pair of glasses or a watch from  Root Sunglasses , we are choosing a product that adapts to any style and becomes a versatile accessory in our daily life.

At Root Sunglasses & Watches, we've taken this minimalist approach to many of the  wooden glasses  and watches in our collection. Our pieces are handmade with the best natural woods, taking care of every detail to ensure great quality and durability. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable, taking pride in its heritage and natural beauty.


Wood is a natural, warm and durable material. Instead of opting for synthetic materials, we opt whenever we can to create designs made entirely of natural woods or include natural wood details in our accessories, as this creates an emotional connection to nature and helps reduce our  carbon footprint . 

In short,  when you choose a Root product, you are choosing a connection to nature,  a sense of calm and tranquility, and a minimalist and versatile design. By incorporating minimalism, wood, and a connection to nature into our products, we are helping our customers find happiness.

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