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Tuesday, 12 March 2019

. Root Wooden Sunglasses

We stop making cardboard boxes for our glasses

To Generate Less Trash

In  Root Sunglasses & Watches  we are concerned about the environment and we try by all means to contribute, to the extent of our possibilities, so that we can enjoy a cleaner and more sustainable environment. 

Lately we have been thinking about the cardboard box that we delivered with our sunglasses, that although it is made with recycled materials, the truth is that it is a  ONE-USE accessory  that, most of the clients, once acquired the glasses  throw to the trash . Which leads us to wonder if it is really necessary to deliver this accessory with our sunglasses .

We believe that NO and also we think that stopping delivering this one-time accessory benefits the environment and fits with our philosophy, principles and values, NOT ONLY IS IT RECYCLE, that too, but what it really is about is trying to generate the least amount of waste possible. Our actions must contribute and be effective in helping to enjoy a more sustainable environment, that's why  we have decided to stop making the cardboard box that is delivered with our sunglasses and inform that as of 15 MARCH 2019 we stop delivering cardboard boxes as part of the accessories of our sunglasses both to private customers and to our wholesale customers and points of sale.



As of March 15, 2019  we will no longer send cardboard boxes to any of our customers. So the standard pakaging of our sunglasses will include the following accessories as of that date:

  • 1x Root Ecological Jute Case
  • 1x Root Cleaning Glove
  • 1x Informative prospectus in Spanish and English

Pakaging estandar Root Sunglasses

In counterpart with the idea that Wholesale Customers and Points of Sale that wish to deliver cases to their customers as part of the accessories of the final product can do so at a residual cost that can easily return by minimally increasing the final price of the product, we have decided  reduce the wholesale price of  all cases  that are sold as a separate option, to the minimum possible. 

Root Sunglasses cases

All the Root cases from now on have a  price of practically testimonial cost  of from  1.69 € / Unit  (Taxes Not included) (Prices according to models). Or they will be included Free with the glasses of the wholesale orders of more than € 600 (taxes NOT included).

You can find all the models available in the Accessories section   of the web (to see wholesale prices, you must be logged in as a professional customer).

We will be happy to have your comments, opinions and suggestions through the comments box that you can see below or through the usual channels such as email, social networks or contact us.

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