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Wooden glasses for prescription lenses

Monday, 10 December 2018

Prescription Wooden Sunglasses. Root Wooden Sunglasses

Special wooden glasses for mounting Optical lenses.

A recurring question that we usually receive via email, or through the contact form of this website or that our customers consult us directly in our physical stores in Tarifa and even that they transfer us the businesses that distribute our products is:

Is it possible to mount Graduated lenses in the frames of the Root Sunglasses?

Some of you may already have noticed that on our website we have a special section to identify the wooden frames in which optical lenses can be mounted without risk.

However, the answer to the question of whether you can mount prescription lenses to the rest of the glasses not included in the GRADUABLE WOOD SUNGLASSES collection will be different depending on the type of glasses in which the client intends to mount optical lenses with graduation . Let's see all the possibilities according to the different product lines of our sunglasses collections.


? The main feature of the collections MIXED and MIXED PREMIUM of Root Sunglasses is that the frames are usually made with materials that are common in the manufacture of sunglasses. Materials such as acetate, polycarbonate, stainless steel etc. So in principle your trusted optician should have no problem adapting prescription lenses either to see, or combined with sunglasses for this type of glasses. Any optics can mount a prescription lenses in any of the models of these collections.



The sunglasses from the MADERA DE BAMBÚ collection They are manufactured entirely with this light and resistant wood. Bamboo is so strong and flexible that in Asia it is widely used in the construction of scaffolding for buildings and is usually referred to as vegetable steel. However, although bamboo is a wood with unique properties, the frames made of bamboo are very thin and the lenses that are mounted on these glasses are mounted under pressure. Sun TAC lenses are very thin and flexible, unlike optical lenses, which are usually much thicker and stiffer and although we know of cases in which the client has been able to mount this type of lenses on our bamboo frames, we are also knowledgeable of other cases in which the saddle has been broken when trying, for that reason WE DO NOT RECOMMEND  mount a prescription lenses in this type of frames since there is a very high risk of breaking the frame.


  • MADERAS PREMIUM Collection

? Our collection of MADERAS PREMIUM sunglasses  is characterized by the fact that all the pieces, including frames and temples, are made with the best and most exclusive natural woods and also the different models can be manufactured with different manufacturing techniques, the latter is what will determine if the result can be graduated safely and easily. That is why we have divided the MADERAS PREMIUMcollection into two separate collections. Premium Wood and Wooden Sunglasses Graduables .

In the former, as in the bamboo collection, we DO NOT RECOMMEND trying to mount graduated lenses because of the high risk of breakage when performing the operation, although a good optician can dexterously carry out this operation, it is likely that the mount will give way when mounting a rigid lenses especially if they have a certain graduation.


  • Collection of Wooden Sunglasses Graduables

If you want a sunglasses made with unique natural woods, exclusive and unrepeatable and also need to mount a prescription lenses on them, the collection of adjustable wooden sunglasses Root, is the place to look. These are models that, like the MADERAS PREMIUM collection, are manufactured manually and integrally with the best natural woods, but also incorporate a simple and effective screw system that allows to mount graduated lenses of practically any thickness in a precise and safe way. any optics can mount a prescription lenses with total security in any of the models of this collection.



What wood are you made of?

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