Wooden Sunglasses and Watches: Repair and Recycling

Wooden Sunglasses and Watches: Repair and Recycling

Monday, 23 May 2022

Wooden Sunglasses and Watches: Repair and Recycling. Root Wooden Sunglasses

We have become too accustomed to  obsolescence , (you know, having to throw away something that is obsolete because the manufacturer makes it difficult to repair or recycle) well, we have become accustomed to it and it seems that the normal thing should be to throw away a product to the trash when it has only a small defect or damage that can probably be repaired or replaced.

With Root  Sunglasses and watches  , this doesn't have to be the case. At  Root  Sunglasses we  repair  and/or  recycle  your sunglasses  and  wooden watches . To avoid costs that would increase the price of products when they are new, for repairs we use recycled parts from products that other customers have sent us to recycle and for which we have encouraged said recycling with discounts to buy new products, and if a product is irreparable, we offer you to recycle it. In this way we close the circles and together we contribute to containing unnecessary manufacturing and combating obsolescence. 

Repair your Glasses and Wooden Watches:

Repair some wooden glasses? It sounds strange, however, you will be surprised at what we can do for your glasses, not only with the replacement of mechanical parts such as hardware, or with replacement of lenses that are already too scratched or damaged, but also with the breakage of the wood itself, both in the temples. as in mounts.

Give your broken glasses a second chance, for a much cheaper price than you might think we can give a second life to those glasses that you like so much and that you thought had no solution. Simply write an email attaching some photos where the problem is seen and we will respond with possible solutions. And if we do not see a solution you can always opt for a  Recycling Plan

Recycle Your Glasses and Wooden Watches

At  Root  Sunglasses  we have  recycling plans for  your old  Root  Sunglasses , whereby by sending us your old glasses to recycle the parts that are still usable, we offer you  discounts of up to 30%  on the purchase of a new model of your choice.

When a product reaches the end of its useful life, instead of throwing it away, the best thing would be for the brand we bought it from to collect and recycle it, in the case of  Root  Sunglasses wooden glasses and wooden watches  not only we collect already unusable products, whose serviceable parts will be used to try to give life to other customers' products that are repairable, but we also reward this gesture by offering you discounts  for the purchase of a new model of glasses or watches from our online catalog   of your choice.

To access these discounts and recycle your old glasses or  Root watch , all you have to do is contact us by sending a couple of photos with the product you want to recycle and we will respond quickly with the amount of the discount you will get and instructions to send product.. It's easy, it takes longer to say it than to do it.

Be that as it may, if you want you can give your  Root products a second life , either by repairing or recycling. The planet and all of us win!


What wood are you made of?

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