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Sunglasses, in winter time continue caring your eyes

Sunday, 02 February 2020

Wooden sunglasses for Winter. Root Wooden Sunglasses

Sunglasses for winter: why do you need them and how to choose the ideal ones? 

Winter is coming and sunglasses are forgotten in a drawer, right?

It is normal that that is what you think, because the use of this accessory seems to be restricted to the time of the year in which we have the highest incidence of sunlight.

And what happens if we put it another way?

Winter is coming and we forget about taking care of our visual health, right?

So it sounds different because we understand that wearing crystals in front of your eyes is not only a matter of beauty or aesthetics, but of health.

And as we all know, having healthy eyes is one of those undeclared duties that we would all have to fulfill.

Remember that the eyes are the windows of the soul.

To make the matter more realistic, imagine not being able to enjoy the colors and shapes we have available.

That is why it is notorious that more and more people also wear sunglasses in winter.

Yes, even if you think it is nonsense because sunlight does not have the same intensity as at other times of the year, of course it is necessary.

This is explained by two basic phenomena.

The first is that our atmosphere has a hole (yes, that famous hole) in the ozone layer, which means less protection in the shield that filters UV rays.

The other is that solar radiation is present in our environments throughout the year, regardless of the time in which we are.

Of course, with each season, the intensity varies.

Perhaps that is where the trap of this is: in which many believe that during winter there is no UV intensity to worry about.

Error, do you know why?

Because, for example, in areas where snow falls, solar radiation bounces off its white surface very easily, affecting not only your bare skin, but also your delicate eyes.

Glasses with gray or brown lenses Which ones to choose?

Now that you know how important sunglasses are for eye care, you are probably thinking of buying ones.

Hey, not so fast.

There is something we want to tell you: not just any glass color is what you need.

While there are several lens colors, here we are going to focus on the two main ones for winter.

Glasses with brown crystals 

Have you seen those classic movies that seem to be seen through brown lenses?

That is precisely the effect achieved with them.

It is as if what you are seeing has a touch of retro elegance.

The main advantage of this color of lenses is that it mitigates visual fatigue precisely because of what we just mentioned.

It is also ideal for situations that alternate both moments of shadow and light for a short time.

In addition, it retains the colors with good fidelity, and tends to clarify the scene.

Precisely for this reason, in winter, when the colors tend to be more opaque, it is the type of crystals that can be recommended.

Glasses with gray crystals

The gray color is more adaptable to most situations because it is the one that least alters the colors.

This makes it ideal for drivers, regardless of the vehicle in question: car, motorcycle or bike.

It is also the color indicated in the case of people suffering from photophobia, that is, those who are greatly affected by sunlight or any intense light.

And yes, although they give a less rich view of some details, it is undeniable that they combine much easier with almost everything.


How to take care of your eyes with ecological sunglasses (also in winter) 

What a dilemma we have in our time: take care of our eyes, look great and help to continue having a planet to live on.

Let's see where to start.

With the passage of time, the damage to the environment is increasingly noticeable. And part of this has to do with the large amount of waste that accumulates every year in some parts of the world.

If these wastes take less time to degrade, our current history would be different. But no, the truth is that they usually take a long time due to the material with which they are manufactured: plastic.

Poor and discredited of him, so useful but so exploited, so moldable but so polluting.

Let's face it, despite its low price, it's costing us dearly.

Hence, many of our accessories and everyday objects are increasingly manufactured with materials that are friendly to their surroundings, including wood.

Just to contribute to the work of caring for our planet, there are also options in sustainable and biodegradable sunglasses.

Wooden sunglasses with biodegradable lenses ?" They ask.

If the same thing happens to you, stop by our catalog

Ah, technology and its advances making our lives easier.

For example, our lenses filter 98% of UVA rays and are super light because they are only 1.1 mm thick.

In addition, they have hand-made wooden pins and are treated with natural inks.

Translation? Protecting your eyes does not have to generate waste that later takes years to degrade and that, unfortunately, ends up making some seasons of the year more intense and long.

In winter, as in summer, good sunglasses, take care of your eyes and prevent damage;)

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