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Monday, 25 February 2019

Wooden sunglasses with Vintage temples. Root Wooden Sunglasses

New models: Vintage with wood temples sunglasses

January and February are times of novelties, it is in these months when we present the new ideas of both sunglasses and watches that will be present in our stores and points of sale , as well as on our website during the season that is about to start.

Glasses with wooden legs vintage ska GrayToday we bring you 3 new models of sunglasses with wooden pins belonging to the MIXED MX collection in which we have decorated the temples with a Vintage effect and that they have liked a lot in MOMAD metropolis , the fashion fair of Ifema Madrid, where we were presented all our news at the beginning of February 2019.

It is about giving the sideburns an aged effect, which of course is simulated, and the result resembles what could be an effect of pickled paint on the wood. The Vintage effect is made by hand from pin to pin, so the result is always unique and different.

The three models, which you can see a little below are the model TINE, SKA BLUE and SKA GRAY that are available each in 4 colors of lenses so that in total you have 12 different models to choose the wooden glasses with Vintage pins that more suits your tastes and personality.

Glasses with wooden temples Vintage TINEGlasses with wooden pins Vintage SKA BLUE
We love the result! Because of the beauty of the effect in the wood, and also because of the Grunge and Vintage aesthetics that enhances even more that sustainable spirit that all rooteros we carry inside. We hope you like them as much as we do.





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