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Friday, 22 December 2017

Sustainable wooden Sunglasses and Watches. Root Wooden Sunglasses

Wood Sunglasses and Watches

Fashion Trends, Ecology and Sustainability

As far as fashion is concerned are trend ecological and sustainable natural products. Be the last with wooden fashion accessories is not incompatible with these values and in this post we will explain.

Our brand of sunglasses and wooden clocks Natural Root Sunglasses & Watches born in late 2012 with the aim of offering a range of products that not only reflect a modern and natural beauty in people who use them , also reveal a form different outlook on life and is aimed at a segment of the increasingly sensitized to ecological values that are aware of and act on the need to maintain a responsible cosumo, choosing products that respect the environment without sacrificing the population trends in fashion .

Our slogan, " What  wood you're made of ?"  more than a slogan is an invitation to reflection . This question we invite you to resolve besides the obvious, which would you ask that wood you would like to be your sunglasses wood or your wooden clock, also you are raising a veiled way other questions: Are You a special person ?, are you aware and committed to the environment? Do you feel good wearing natural products?

But what makes a fashion product to be considered sustainable?

Root Sunglasses & Watches manufactures its products in more or less natural materials, such as different types of wood used as raw material to manufacture our sunglasses and watches.

We select the wood species suitable for our products tienendo into account two main parameters:

  1. Species characteristics , such as color, hardness, grain that make suitable for the product to have quality and termination according to quality standards that we impose as brand.
  2. The impact of the use of raw material : selecting fast - growing species such as bamboo and / or  NO are protected by the   Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora CITES ). 

The drastic reduction in the use of petroleum - based raw materials (such as plastics etc) by substituting natural materials reduces environmental impact but there are other important parameters related to the final product and its packaging that contribute to this purpose:

  • The manufacturing process is highly artisanal
  • The packaging of the final product is made from recycled or environmentally friendly (recycled cardboard boxes, carrying cases made from organic jute, etc.)
  • In the manufacturing process of the elements and the use of chemical poisons is almost nil
  • There is a significant reduction in CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process.
  • The product is biodegradable naturally between 50 and 90% of its composition
  • It is a highly recyclable product.

Other parameters also contribute to a brand and its products are considered sustainable are related to the commitment to recycling unusable, or the operations of the company and the policy it has with the relacciones with suppliers and employees products. In this regard the company that owns the trademark Root Sunglasses & Watches , " Ethnic soul SLU " maintains the following policies:

Product Recycling:

  • Root Sunglasses & Watches maintains active campaigns for encouraging recycling of our products to customers, owners of any of our products, discount vouchers for the purchase of new products when we sent for recycling and utilization broken or unusable products. They must only contact us via our After Sales Service
  • We have a quality after - sales service. We service and repair all problems that may arise our products to our customers.
  • Manage and reuse parts of the "useless" products that our customers send us to our plans invoking RENOVA or applying our repair service.

Operating company that help a more sustainable world:

  • Ethnic Soul SL maintains a staff of more than 80% for women between 24 and 55 years old.
  • Fulfilling labor regulations and collective agreements.
  • actively monitor companies and workshops with which we collaborate in different countries around the world offer their workers decent working conditions to guarantee health and safety for its employees. Especially watching these companies and workshops that do not employ children in their workshops.
  • Ethnic Soul promotes fair trade purchasing, raw materials and products of companies that comply with the above, at the right price we agreed with our suppliers according to the socio labor situation of the countries where the workshops and businesses are located.
  • Ethnic Soul participates in charity projects in developing countries like Nepal.


Momad Metropolis. International Fashion Fair.

Root participation Sunglasses & Watches in Space "Sustainable Experience"

Momad METROPOLIS  held at IFEMA - Feria de Madrid biannually and is one of the fairs dedicated to trends most important European and global fashion, it expose our products outstanding in the fashion industry and business professionals all over the world come to establish business contacts in order to incorporate the latest fashion trend in their shops.

Root Sunglasses & Watches participate in the Metropolis Momad edition to be held between 2 and 4 February in the space created by IFEMA for Momad Metropolis called "Sustainable Experience " at the stand MS28

The concern Momad to promote sustainability and responsibility in the fashion industry, this specific area within the fair which will host all companies in the textile, footwear and develop ethically in production or marketing is created. Firms and designers working, among other features, an outstanding social responsibility, local production, with crafts, respect for biodiversity, sustainable distribution or ethical HR policy. 

All fashion professionals interested in the products Root Sunglasses & Watches are invited to visit us at our stand MS28 where you gladly attend and you can explore the universe Root Sunglasses & Watches

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