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Saturday, 05 January 2019

Repair and recycling of wooden sunglasses and watches. Root Wooden Sunglasses



From now on, before one of our clients like you acquires one of our  sunglasses  or one of our   natural wood watches , in Root Sunglasses & Watches as a brand, we acquire a commitment so that that client feels not only identified with  our values  in terms of ecology, respect for the environment or sustainability, as a responsible brand from Root we do everything possible so that one of our customers can enjoy our product in optimal conditions for as long as possible. That's why, since we were born as a brand, almost 7 years ago, one of our priorities has been and is to offer an  after-sales service agile, dynamic, centralized and high quality that responds to all the incidents that each of our customers may have with any of our products independent of the trade and the place or region where the customer has acquired our product.


All our customers  have access to our technical  repair service where we provide solutions to virtually any incident that may occur with any of our products, from the simplest to the most complex. For us the important thing is that you know that we are at your service with the goal that you enjoy your Root product as long as possible. Here are some examples of what we can do:

  • Repair of wooden frames
  • Repair and / or replacement of wooden pins
  • Change of lenses
  • Sending parts as screws or pads
  • Replacement of fittings
  • Repair of watch machineries
  • Replacement of watchmaking machinery
  • Repair and / or change of boxes and covers in watches
  • Replacement and adjustment of belts

In addition to a commitment to OUR CUSTOMERS , we also have a commitment to  ENVIRONMENT the  sustainability  and RECYCLED . As a company aware of these premises, we want to apply them not only in the manufacture of our products or in packaging or other elements thereof, but also in the relationship created with the final customer of all our products, promoting and rewarding the recycling of the same.

We want to make use of the still serviceable parts of a Root product that is badly damaged by use and that is NOT repairable and that's why our business philosophy includes  RECYCLING PLANS  for which we offer you  GREAT DISCOUNTS  for the purchase of new products in exchange. of deteriorated products that can not be repaired.


As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, our goal is that you enjoy your Root product in optimal conditions as long as possible, so we will always try to provide a repair solution for incidents or unfortunate accidents that you may suffer, but when we see that a repair is unfeasible because the result does not meet our quality standards we will offer you one of our  RECYCLING PLANS. 

The objective   of the  ROOT RECYCLING PLANS  is double. On the one hand we will give a second life to the still serviceable pieces of your irreparable product, with which we contribute our bit to have a cleaner world avoiding a new production of those pieces and adapting them to new products. And on the other hand, as a customer you can buy a new ROOT product that you choose freely with DISCOUNTS of up to 60% on the PVP of our website.

In other words if when you contact us for a damaged product, we see its repair unfeasible we will propose you to keep it in exchange for a DISCOUNT for the purchase of a new product from our online store and in this way we will give you a solution to a problem with difficult solution and at the same time we will help in the conservation of the environment by recycling what we can of the delivered product.


Contacting our  after-sales service  is simple. Send us an email to  describing the problem with your product. It is very important that you attach some images to the mail where we can clearly see the problem with it  in order to offer you a fast and efficient service.


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