Wooden Sunglasses Special Discount -20%

-20% Special Discount - Limited time

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Wooden Sunglasses Special Discount -20%. Root Wooden Sunglasses

Get a special discount-20% on your Root ® Sunglasses.

This autumn 2017 gets, for a limited time, your Root ® sunglasses wooden sunglasses with a special discount of 20% by introducing the shopping basket The discount code: "ROOT20".

If you were thinking of buying a natural, eco-friendly, sustainable sunglasses made with a unique and unrepeatable material such as natural wood, this fall 2017 you have the opportunity to purchase your Root Sunglasses ® Wooden sunglasses with a discount 20% special using in www.rootsunglasses.com shopping basket special code "ROOT20"


DTO applicable in all sunglasses collections: NATURAL wood, mixed collection and mixed PREMIUM

You can use the discount code in any of our collections. Both in the collection "Sunglasses of NATURAL wood" as well as in the collections of sunglasses mixed and mixed PREMIUM



Gafas de madera natural

Sunglasses with frames and sideburns handcrafted with different wood 100% natural


Gafas de madera MIXED

Sunglasses with frames made of polycarbonate and sideburns handcrafted with different wood 100% natural




Gafas de madera MIXED PREMIUM

Sunglasses with acetate and sideburns mount handmade with different wood 100% natural


Limited time

Please note that the discount code shown will be active for a limited time. The ROOT20 code discounts 20% on the final price of any of the products included in the offer and is in addition to any other discount shown on the products.

* You can only use a discount code for each order

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